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Live and Let Me Live

Published in the Georgia Mountain Review
Spring 2017
Page 61

She cries, he cries
Hopeful to see the light of day
Not yet human, are just lies
If thou will, I will live

It is entirely my body
On my way to get the pill
Not prepared to behave oddly
I simply have more priorities

Why would I be worried?
She is just a fetus, a cell
Besides, I am not yet married
It's my lifestyle, my choice

If only you let me live
I will grow to be part of you
Would you be able to carry me?
If grandma made a wrong choice?

Dear Mother, please have mercy
Though situations vary, please consider
Even in the midst of controversy
Please live and let me live.

Samuel Dominic Chukwuemeka   B.Eng., A.A.T, M.Ed., M.S
(SamDom For Peace)

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Our World

Published in the Georgia Mountain Review
Spring 2016
Pages 45-46

A world of hate
Should our tribe and race determine our fate?
Is life still a precious gift?
Do we teach to condemn or to uplift?

A world of war
Should we love with our hearts, or bite with our jaws?
Should we have destroyed the Middle East?
After Iraq, Libya, and Syria; which country is next on our list?

A world of no rest
Should we always interfere in everyone's nest?
Do we help ourselves when we help others?
Or hurt ourselves when we bother?

Forward ever - backward never, we move on
Despite some gun-thirsty blood-thirsty demons
That seek to divide rather than unite
We will always overcome the darkness of the night

A child is born to be loved, and to love
But some parents teach the hateful curve
My heart cries and cries and cries
As I seek truth in a world full of lies

The souls of the just will have eternal peace
But the pains of the evil will never cease
I cry and pray for the lives in the school and the church

Christmas is about Jesus Christ. Not Santa Claus.

Beloved Brethren,

              Greetings of Peace and Love of Jesus Christ to everyone. I greet you with 3rd John 1:2.

It is that time of the year again - December.

We celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

What is Christmas?

It is the period when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as foretold through Isaiah the Prophet, announced by Angel Gabriel, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and proclaimed by John the Baptist.

Isaiah 9:6

Wonderful Counselor

Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace

Isaiah 7:14

Immanuel / Emmanuel (God is with us)

Matthew 1: 20 - 23

Jesus (Savior. He will save us from our sins)

Jesus Christ (Anointed Savior - Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:18)

Luke 1:35

Son of God

There is absolutely no mention of Santa Claus anywhere in the Bible.

Who is Santa Claus? Honestly, you do not need to know who he/she is.

Who is Father Christmas? Honestly, you do not need to know who he/she is.

What is Happy Holiday…